So you are looking to multi-speed motors convert your truck to electric. The good news is that it's quite a bit easier for you. Doing an electric car conversion means you're limited by how many batteries you can fit inside the hood or in the trunk. With a truck it's much easier because you can stick a bunch of batteries into the bed of the truck and still have quite a bit of storage space. In addition, you can also add more batteries to increase the range of your truck. Some people have told me that they've gotten their trucks up to almost 500 miles by adding a bigger battery bank.

I recommend using a light truck for your electric truck conversion as there's less weight you have to move around. I strongly discourage you using anything bigger than a Ford F-150 as that's about as big as you could go and still be fairly efficient.
The batteries needed for your conversion are 12 volt deep cycle batteries. These can easily be found for free at your local golf course. I stumbled up this gold mine while I was working at a golf course over 5 years ago. I remembered it when I was starting my conversion. You will need a minimum of 14 batteries as this will give you a range of around 200 miles. If you want to add more batteries you will increase the range, but you will have to watch out for weight. Try not to overload your truck to much with extra batteries.
In cars I recommend getting a motor that is 8 - 12 inches in length, but for trucks I recommend you stick closer to the 12 inch mark. This will ensure that you have plenty of power to get your truck up to the desired 55MPH.
You will need to hoist the engine and transmission out of the truck and mount the electric motor. After which you can hook the motor up to the driveshaft. Next, you can start mounting as many batteries as you can under the hood and stick the rest of them in the bed of the truck. Lastly, you'll need to wire in a potentiometer and charge controller in to your truck. The potentiometer is used to control the trucks speed and the charge controller is used to make sure you don't overcharge your batteries.
After you've got all this done you can turn the key and begin motoring around town in a completely quiet vehicle and boast to your friends that you save over 75% on your gas costs every month.

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